‘Nothing is in the understanding, which was not first perceived by some of the senses.’

John Locke (English Philosopher 1632-1704)

‘Healing Through the Senses’

Our senses provide the keys to unifying two systems, in particular, bridging our outer and our inner worlds. The study of the interaction between these worlds interfaces with psychological, nervous and immune systems processes within the human body. Our senses are the portals to the vast microcosm that pulsates within us in each of our cells. This therapy gently stimulates all five of our sensory organs, balancing body, mind and spirit. This results in an experience of peace and calm, reducing stress.

‘Enhanced Sound and Aroma Therapy’

For many years we have been utilizing sound, visible light, aromatherapy, aquaroms and gemstones according to the holistic “Healing Through the Senses” approach developed by biologist Dr. Dietrich Gümbel, Gunsbach, France. Dr. Gümbel’s enhanced Sound and Aroma Therapy treatment consists of a one-half hour session in which color, sound, light, aroma and gemstones are used to harmonize the five physical sensory organs; namely sight, hearing, smell, taste and touch. Once synchronized, you will most likely note a heightened sense of awareness – physically, emotionally, and mentally. A session begins when you spontaneously choose a color from a color decoder. According to the color chosen the corresponding essential oil, aquarom (a distillate of the essential oil), musical note, colored light and a gemstone will be used in the therapy. You will lie down in the balanced therapy chair, and the session will begin. You will be handed the gemstone to hold in your hand and the aquarom to drink. You will close your eyes as a bright, colored light will be directed at your forehead and the essence of the oil corresponding to the chosen color fills up the therapy room. Finally, the pure tone sound therapy begins emitting an intense resonating vibration that can be felt throughout the entire body. Through the pure crystal tones, the sound can affect brain activity. One can travel into an altered state of consciousness. These pure tones instill a sense of deep relaxation. When we have negative thoughts, pessimistic ideas and bad feelings they can create mental, physical and emotional stress, which often find expression in depression and clinical diseases. We are out of tune, like a badly played instrument. Our Enhanced Sound and Aroma Therapy opens the door for a certain “self-tuning” and provides an opportunity to become in tune with ourselves. Enjoy this unique Sound and Aroma Therapy experience exclusively at Le Papillon Spa in San Antonio, TX.


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